Film and video Collection | 2016-2019

Here is the collection of my films and videos from 2016-2019 created in China, which covers my works during undergraduate study and internship in CCTV News.

Life is a Drama | 2019

Life is a Drama is a short black-humoured film, which tells a story about a character's life under the control of the scriptwriter.

My Contribution: Editor

70 seconds learn the history of Automotive Industry in China | 2019

70 seconds to learn the history of automotive industry in China, a micro-video was published on social media platform of CCTV News.

My Contribution: Video and Animation Production

Horror Taxi | 2018

Horror Taxi is a 'horror' film, which is based on an old joke in China. A taxi driver meets a woman in a white dress without shoes during the night, and her destination is a cemetery, is she a ghost?

My Contribution: Director, Scriptwriter, Editor

Foods and Life in Beijing | 2018

A short poetic documentary film, which explores people's lives in old Beijing and their relationship with classic delicacies.

My Contribution: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

E-commerce Marketing Microfilm: Release the Past and Return to Love | 2017

Release the Past and Return to Love is a microfilm for Dong Ding Tea's E-commerce Marketing, the film use which was awarded The GoldStar Award (First Prize) &Most Potential Creation Award in Future Star IP Training Camp. The film tells a short story about the relationship between a father and a son.

My Contribution: Director, Scriptwriter

Bottle | 2017

A fictional film tells a story about a female college student tries to imitate a plot that happened in a famous real life story to attract the man that she is fond to.

My Contribution: Director, Sound Editor

Skyward | 2017

A documentary film about a "Strait-A-student" and his life with research on aviation.

My Contribution: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

The Same World | 2016

A documentary film about a "Strait-A-student" and his life and research on aviation.

My Contribution: Post-Production Coordinator