Fluffy Fantasy | AI & Human Co-create Art

On going, AI Art, Generative art, Mythical creatures

Water or more | Interactive Installation

Interactive Installation, Motion Tracking, Interactive Graphic, Performance

Whales Hearing | Interactive Installation

Ongoing, Ocean, Noise, Pollution

Under Virus | Exhibition

Solo Exhibition, Digital Photography, Film, COVID-19

Water Portrait | AR Illustration

Anthropocene, Humanity, Augment reality, Graphic design, Animation

Code Virus | Video Game

[On going], Video game, Strategy, Turn-based, Pandemic

A walk inside painting | Interactive Experience

Interactive Storytelling, 3D Experience, AR, Website, Museum Education

Self&Object | Live Style Transfer

web-based live style transfer, Machine learning, Self-portrait

Critical Decisions: Perceptions of AI in Healthcare Management

Research Mentorship, Health Care, Artificial Intelligence, Dcoumentary

Garbage Elimination | HTML5 Game

HTML5 Game, CCTV News, Environmental Protection, Garbage Classification

Creative Coding Collection

P5.js, Interactive Graphic

Artist Journal | 2019 Spring

Graphic Design, Journal

The 'flower' of Yue Opera | Undergraduate Thesis

Documentary Film, Independent Woman, Yue Opera

Film and Video Collection | 2016-2019

8 films/videos include documentary, micro-film, and promo videos created during my undergraduate and internship in China

Film and Video Collection | 2019-2020

2 experimental and 1 documentary film that created during my MFA in US