The 'flower' of Yue Opera | Undergraduate Thesis

The 'flower' of Yue Opera is my undergraduate thesis project, which is a 30 minutes documentary film about Min Huang. She is a performer and director of an amateur Yue Opera troupe, who dedicates her life to Yue Opera. We followed her for more than a year to make this film, documenting her inseparable relationship with Yue Opera and her unique life attitude and artistic pursuit as female artist.

- Selected to be screening at Yanjiao Biennial Art Festival, New Move Unit.

Time: January 16-23, 2021

Location: 5A, Yanjiao Precision Park, No.339, Shenwei North Street, Sanhe City, Langfang City, Hebei Province



Full Version(30min):


Director: Mingyong Cheng, Ge Chang, Chenyi Wang, Zeyu Wang

Cinemaphotographer: Mingyong Cheng, Ge Chang, Zeyu Wang, Chenyi Wang

Assistant Cinemaphotographer: Di Li, Wentian Zhang, Ge Bian

Film Editor: Mingyong Cheng, Ge Chang, Chenyi Wang

Music Editor: Mingyong Cheng, Ge Chang, Chenyi Wang, Zeyu Wang

Animation Producer: Ge Chang, Mingyong Cheng

Advisor: Yaxin Zhang, Jiang Juan, Weigang Tian