Fluffy Fantasy | AI & Human Co-create Art

"Fluffy Fantasy" is a project I am co-creating with AI, where I intend to create a dreamy wonderland filled with fluffy creatures, imaginative cloudscapes, and all sorts of fantasy scenes. The concept of the project was inspired by the emotional support power of therapy animals and coloring books, particularly the "Secret Garden" series of books by Johanna Basford. Various shades of purple, blue, and pink make up the world's color tone, which conveys a feeling of relief, fairytale, and mystery. Throughout this project, I wish to create a dreamscape that allows every wanderer to take a deep breath from the stress of daily living and to experience soothing and calming sensations. The final outputs will includes images, animations and sculptures.

Since 2022, I begin my new exploration in AI art with the generative trending in "Clip Guided Diffusion". Generally speaking, such generative process is "text-to-image" or "text+image-to-image". Working with AI extends my imagination and constantly give me inspiration on artistic creation. For this project, I firstly use AI to generate images and animations, and edit by me via various digital media applications.


AI generated images/animation with Disco Diffusion by Katherine Crowson, Somnai, Adam Letts, Chris Allen and many others.

Music generated with MuseNet by OpenAI.