Garbage Elimination | HTML5 Game

With the improvement of technology, various new-type of garbages are gradually emerged in our life. In China, an average of 20 million meal boxes are produced every day, an average of 4 billion express packages are used a year, and 300,000 tonnes of Shared bikes are scrapped a year...Therefore, it is crucial to raise citizens' awareness of the emergence of the new-type garbages and the importance of garbage classification. This HTML 5 mainly aims to advocate the topic on new-type of garbage on social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo through a HTML 5 mini-game. ​

This is an HTML 5 Tile-matching game. In this game, the blocks' patterns were different types of garbage like a banana peel, carton, plastic lunch box, etc. Players should move the blocks to let three or more same blocks together to eliminate them. We used the game's concept of connecting the same type of garbage to symbolize the idea of garbage classificationWhen the time in the game runs up, it will present the points that player get in a way of 'how many tons of garbage have been eliminated'.

Graphic and Interface Design by me

After playing the game, players will be directed to the illustration section. The illustration were painted in a childlike narrative and artistic style to make garbage as characters to express their feeling. This illustration tend to raise people's awareness of the hazards of new types of garbage and the importance of garbage classification.

Illustration by Ge Bian

Team memebers:

Project managers: Liang Song, LongHai Wu

Student Production Team: Mingyong Cheng(Graphic and Interface Design), Ge Bian(Illustration), Chuyu Chen(Creative Writing)

This project was completed by three student from the multi-media talents cultivation program. Our project managers were two journalists from CCTV News.


This HTML 5 was successfully uploaded on all social media platforms of CCTV(China Central Television Station)News.

Link: (Highly recommended check by mobile phone)