Whales Hearing | Interactive Installation

Whales' Hearing, is an on going interactive installation aiming to use an immersive and interactive experience to reflect how man-made ocean noise is threatening marine animals, especially whales. In the installation, a big 3D whale constituted by point clouds is projected on a wall/screen. The audience can interact with the whale in three different ways.

When the audience walks towards the whale, the whale will also turn around and move towards the audience. When the audience makes noise via the microphone, the point clouds of the whale will scatter in an extent based on the amplitude of the sound. When the audience raise and move his/her hands, different sorts of man-made ocean noises collected from the real world will be generated and played. Through the three types of interactions from both visual and audio aspects, I would like to raise people's awareness of the issues of ocean noise.

Visual of current installation design

Demo Video: